Art Show

Art Show
Posted on 2019/04/29
Ms. Dorsey's Art classes and Ms. Hopeman's 3-D Design classes participated in a juried art show last week in the Media Center.  A group of art professionals evaluated the student's art to assign first, second, and third place awards.  In some cases, the judges were moved to give a student an honorable mention.  

A few of the winners were: 

Principal's Choice 3-D: Sandy Nguyen for her plague doctor mask. 
Principal's Choice 2-D: Jaquelin Diaz-Lopez for her torn converse. 
Staff Choice:  David Sepulveda for his gangster drawing. 
Best of Show 3-D:  Treasure Winder for her turtle. 
Best of Show 2-D:  Gabrielle Rouse for her circle drawing. 

Student   Student  Student  Turtle