To enroll a student, please make an appointment by calling 623-915-8002 for further information.

Please submit the following in order to complete registration

_____1.   Proof of Residency

  • Current utility bill (gas, water, electric, home phone)

_____2.    School Records (not required for 9th grade pre-registration from MVHS feeder schools)

  • Withdrawal form from previous school
  • Unofficial transcript with grades and number of credits earned
  • Attendance report
  • Discipline report

_____3.    Parent's Photo ID

_____4.     Enrollment Forms (given once residency is confirmed)

                                                ***Enrollment forms must be signed and filled out completely***

  • School Enrollment Form
  • Primary Home Language survey
  • Residency Questionnaire
  • Nurses Emergency Card
  • Parental Opt Out Form

_____5.   Custody Papers (if applicable)

                                                ***Must be court ordered***

_____6.  Immunization Records

_____7.  Birth Certificate                                                                                                                                                                                                    ***Must be state certified, abstracts and hospital certificates are not valid***

Please verify that you live in Moon Valley's attendance area before attempting to enroll. If you have any questions, please feel free to call (623) 915-8002.